Wake Up Hate is proving to be the band you want to watch in 2019.


What started as a small project formed by two of Orlando’s best songwriters is quickly turning into the next big thing in the rock/metal scene. Emerging from central Florida in December of 2018, Jake Adkins and Matt Browning (former guitarist for Exotype) set out to create something both fresh and familiar while staying true to their heavy roots. After their debut, Jake was contacted by Triston Blaize (a bandmate from a prior project) who would later join the band as it’s official drummer in late January, 2019.


In the short time they’ve been a band, they’ve already worked alongside big names in the rock world including Andrew Wade (producer for A Day To Remember, Wage War), Nick Scott (producer for I See Stars), Kile Odell (producer for Motionless In White, Cane Hill) and Jake Garland (drummer for Memphis May Fire). The group has just released their debut EP "Deep Sleep", featuring hit songs like “The Cycle”, “Over the Edge” and “Love Me Like a Hurricane”. The band seamlessly blends influence from bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Three Days Grace, Architects, Korn and more, along with a heavy dose of pop and ambiance. If you’re looking for something that genuinely pushes the limits of today’s rock music while keeping true to what makes rock great, Wake Up Hate is a band you’ll want on your playlist.


“It’s like the best songs of Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace, heavy but catchy.”

                                                                                          -Love It To Death Reviews


“Vocalist Jake Adkins nails both clean and heavy vocals with precision.”

                                                                                         -Boston Rock Radio


“It’s like Motionless in White meets Architects meets older Asking Alexandria.”

                                                                                                     -Wyatt Stav



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